1. Introduction
This document refers to www.bath-online.com Terms and Conditions usage. Please read the following before continuing to explore this website. By continuing to do use this website you’ll be accepting the following terms:


2. Bath-Online
www.bath-online.com promotes and sells products from Red Rower Lda, in Street Sarmento de Beires, N º 1- Industrial Park of Seixal 2840-068 Aldeia de Paio Pires, Portugal, VAT 509 770 045, registered in Conservatória Of Registration Commercial Of Seixal, referred from here on as Bath Online. For any additional information regarding the site or its Terms and Condition, please contact us by e-mail info@bath-online.pt, or address: Avenida do Atlântico, Nº 16 – escritório 2.11 1990-019 Parque das Nações – Lisboa Portugal.


3. Scope
The following Terms and Conditions apply to all www.bath-online.com users and include any commercial transactions preformed throughout the site. Bath Online may amend the Terms at any time and the amendments will come into effect immediately without any notice. The users will be subjected to the terms in force on the date they use this website.


4. Intellectual Property
Contents on this website are copyright protected. Its prohibited to use or mention any content without Bath Online consent. Abuse and unallowed usage of this domain or site links my result on Bath Online appealing to legal actions.
Bath Online can’t be held accountable for any abusive usage on www.bath-online.com contents. Every trademarks and product names belong to its companies.
Using any of the trademarks, images, logos or any other content will require Bath Online or its rightful owner consent.


5. Data Privacy
Bath Online doesn’t gather personal information from any web site users. Therefore, users may use this website anonymously. Nevertheless, Bath Online reserves the right to gather non-personal information with the sole purpose of optimising website usability and experience. All personal information provided by users during the registration process, required to the ability of purchasing a product, will only be used by Bath Online and its partners, and won’t be shared with third parties without consent from its rightful owner. All personal information gathered by www.bath-online.com is private and confidential and is only used to acknowledge customers identification and preferences.

All this information is automatically processed under current legislation. This information can be used to process online purchases, site customization or to check how costumers use this website.
Bath Online allows its users to access, change and delete personal information online on the account management area, or by contacting Bath Online directly by e-mail. All the information and data provided by Bath Online users will be handled under current legislation and by the Privacy Policy and Cookies terms.


6. Conduct Policy
In order to prevent unauthorised access to your user account, users should ensure absolute confidentiality on its user details.

By using our site and by making any purchase, user will commit to:

  • Use it only to browse and make purchases. Any suspicion regarding malicious intensions may result in Bath Online directly contacting users, cancelling any orders or reaching out for legal actions;
  • Provide us an email and postal addresses, or any other necessary contact information; and allows us to use its contact details in order to be contacted by Bath Online. Not providing the required details will prevent Bath Online from proceeding any order;
  • State being at lest 18 years old and having the legal capacity to sign a contract and perform payments when creating an account or doing a purchase online. The user is also held responsible for the authenticity of the information he provides to Bath Online;
  • Not complying with the Terms and Conditions or by having an abusive conduct online, Bath Online has the right to block or cancel user registration.


7. Online Security
www.bath-online.com has a security system that’ll protect its user’s personal informations from unauthorised access, disclosure or loss. Users will have the responsibility to access www.bath-online.com in a secure device, with an updated operation systems and properly protected from malign software or computer virus. User is the sole responsible for granting the security and privacy of his site access details.
With that in mind, users should consider the following security recommendations:

  • Do not use public computer or electronic devices to provide any personal information’s, like credit card numbers;
  • Secure the privacy of its personal information;
  • Do not lose or forget his user and password;
  • Always log off from his account area when leaving the site;
  • While browsing the site please use an update anti-virus device;
  • Make sure you’re using and updated operative system;
  • Make sure your browser is properly updated;
  • Use a firewall: having an installed and updated firewall blocks some attempts of externally accessing your computer, making it less vulnerable.


8. Product Information
Product details, prices and descriptions on this site are for informational purposes only and can be changed by Bath Online without notice. Stock information is updated daily but is for informational purposes only. It may occur mismatches between information displayed and real stock. Products on special offers have limited stock and may be subject to stock or price changes without notice. Bath Online works on a daily basis in order to present the most complete product images, prices, stocks and descriptions, but can’t be held responsible for any disruption on the information presented in the website.
Please contact us for more information regarding any product you may be interested on.


9. Online Registration
Browsing the site doesn’t require user registration. However, in order to make an online purchase you’ll need to register. Registration process includes filling a registration form, available as follows:

9.1. User can access registration page directly or register during the purchase process. In order to create an online account, we’ll need the following information: e-mail and password.
Making an order will require the following additional information: name, surname, birthdate, phone number and address.

Through dashboard, users can access and change:

  • Account: access and change personal information;
  • Orders: access past orders details (products descriptions, order state, among others);
  • Address: Addresses: access and change billing and shipping addresses.


10. Orders Online
Ordering trough www.bath-online.com demands a user registration – providing all the information required.
During a purchase, users must provide the information regarding order dispatching, such shipment address and billing details. By completing and paying for an order users validates all presented details.
All orders are subjected to product availability. In the case a product is unavailable, either from stock limitations, or any other restriction, Bath Online reserves the right of suggesting customers of similar products, within similar price ranges – in which case any price differences would be included on the final order cost.

Users may cancel orders before payment confirmation. After each payment confirmation users receive a confirmation email, will all the order details. In the cases of payments not being done during online ordering, users receive an email with additional information on how to proceed order payment. In the case of payment not being done, Bath Online will automatically cancel the order. After payment approval, Bath Online immediately dispatches corresponding orders.
For orders in witch payment isn’t done during its ordering process, Bath Online is unable to grant shipment date and product availability.


11. Refusal of an Order
Bath Online does not take responsability before the user and third parties by elimination of any product published on www.bath-online.com by change or remove any information about the same. While we will make reasonable efforts to process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that may require us to refuse to process an order after we have sent you an order confirmation; and we reserve the right to refuse to process an order at any time, at our sole discretion.
Bath Online reserves the right to refuse an order for various reasons, including:

  • When the product is no longer available;
  • In case of a product presents a wrong price;
  • When delivery or billing data is incomplete or incorrect;
  • In case of impossibility of delivery at the address provided;
  • In case of suspicion of a false or fraudulent order;
  • In case of suspected user not complying with the policy of conduct of the website.

Bath online reserves the right to inform the user of the refusal of the order in question and to propose or request alternative solutions. In the impossibility of a consensual solution or contact with the user, the order will be cancelled by Bath Online, a full refund of the amount paid by the user, to be returned by the same payment method.


12. Delivery of an Order
Bath Online expects every order should reach provided delivery address, in a safe package. Delivery date may change, due to stock availability or transport complications. For that, Bath Online can’t be held accountable.
Some delivery companies may send SMS or e-mail informing costumer on the delivery date. Bath Online does not make deliveries during holidays and weekends.


13. Technical Assistance
Bath Online does not provide technical support or installation services. Customers should hire a company that provides this kind of services. Our products include an instruction and installation manual as well as a technical sheet.


14. Promocodes and Discount Coupons
From time to time Bath Online carries out special offers with promo codes.
Promocodes allow a user to access a special discount over one or more article for a limited period. This promocode will automatically apply a discount to the final price of the product it refers to. Promocodes can’t be reverted into credit to be used online. Each promocode obeys different conditions of use on the campaign it refers to. Before making a purchase, users should check tis conditions.
Bath Online reserves the right to segment online special offers.


15. Payment Methods
Bath Online provides different payment methods to users:

  • Credit cards: users will be redirected to payment platform, Stripe, and provide all the requires information. If payment is refuses, order will be cancelled. Stripe his held responsible for all transactions and payment security;
  • Wire transfer: by using this payment method users will receive an e-email with all the necessary information to make the transfer. Users must provide Bath Online with payment proof.
  • ATM payment: The user will receive in your e-mail the ATM reference to make the payment. Bath Online automatically receives the payment notification (only for Portugal);
  • MB WAY: Users will receive a payment notification on their MB WAY app. When you open the notification, you will be asked to validate the purchase simply by entering your MB WAY PIN (only for Portugal).


16. Orders Resolution and Returns
Users may cancel an order before its delivered, being entitled to total refund.
After delivery, accordingly with Portuguese law, under article 10th, decree n.º 24/2014, February 14th, for a period of 14 days user has the right to cancel or return an order, without any further motive or additional charges.
Intentions on orders resolving and returning must be made by e-mail: info@bath-online.com, or address: Avenida do Atlântico, Nº 16 – escritório 2.11 1990-019 Parque das Nações – Lisboa Portugal.

Any additional costs associated to returning an order, in which the motive comes entirely from user decision, and not from Bath Online not complying its obligations – as such manufacturing defects, incomplete orders, wrong products – will be charged to the user. User has the obligation on preserving the products, so it can be returned to Bath Online with any damage and with all accessories and parts included on the original order.

Bath Online reserves the right to refuse the return of articles that have signs of misuse or that have been tampered with in their original state.
The user loses is right of withdrawal in case of customized products, or because of their nature, that jeopardises security and hygiene conditions of the product in question.


17. Warranties
Under current legislation, goods acquired at www.bath-online.com hold a two-year legal guarantee, which may be higher when the producer or distributor of the product so ensure it.
The number of years of warranty may be specified on the product detail page. However, if this information isn´t available, the 2 year warranty should be taken. Exceptions are purchases made for professional use and business purchases, whose warranty period is 6 months.

In the event that, during the warranty period, the purchased property presents some non-conformities or malfunction, the user should contact our Customer Service that will inform you of the procedure. Bath Online shall bear the costs associated with the return of the damaged item, within the term of the respective legal guarantee.

If Bath Online’s technical verification reveals that the reported non-conformity or malfunction is due to improper use by the customer, the user will be contacted for budgeting the repair in question.


18. Current Legislation
The present General Terms & Conditions are subject to the current Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation shall be submitted to the territorially competent Portuguese court. If you are outside Portugal, Bath Online informs you that any legal process should be referred to the Portuguese courts.


19. Alternative Dispute Resolution
In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 18 of Law 144/2015 of September 8th, Bath Online informs that, in the event of a dispute, the customer has the possibility of having recourse to Alternative Dispute Resolution entities.